Welcome to my website VERSLOOT steenkunst.

I proudly want to introduce you to my soapstone and selenite stone art: β€œmaking art with stone”.

My stone art can be described as figurative: a recognizable object but without an abundance of details; less is more, with a hint of wabi-sabi. I think it is important not to polish away all traces that the stone has accumulated over the years, the rough edge may also be there. I like to use stone or wood as a plinth and preferably with an imperfect detail and therefore rejected by the 1st owner. With my stone art I strive for sustainable use of materials.

Through exhibitions and this website I want to bring my stone art to the attention of a wider audience, and of course hope that my work also touches you.

If you are interested in my work, take a look at Portfolio/Te Koop (for sale) and keep an eye on the events page and my social media, who knows, maybe I will be exhibiting in your area soon ; )

Would you like to be kept informed of news and exhibitions? Register via: info@versloot-steenkunst.nl

Who is the maker of VERSLOOT steenkunst?

Jolanda (van den Hengel-) Versloot (1964). From an early age my life has consisted of being creative. After a period of glass art and painting, a few years ago I started to focus on the processing of soapstone and selenite into visual art or as I like to call it: steenkunst (stone art).

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